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Servertron is a digital marketing agency and we have been in business since 2004. That's over 10 years now. We have helped lots of online companies become a success by getting them lots of continuous traffic. For example Partypoker a casino company and a dieting company called Beyou. We have lots of targeted email databases that we can use to market your business for you. We create email ads too. Servertron offers services for UK targeting and other countries worldwide. We have the highest amount of marketing data for UK and USA but we do have lot of data for other companies worldwide.


As an email marketing vendor we are ready to send out different sizes of email campaigns. From Within England to Worldwide. We have lots of servers for our email marketing service that enables us run your email marketing services at a timely fashion. We test customer ads before each email campaign and we do contact customers to advice them on an email creative that will work for the email campaign if there is a problem with their email ad. We have lots of email lists in excel with complete contact information that can be purchased for ownership; for example we have doctors email list in excel, businesses email list in excel, email list of high-net worth individuals in London and so on. All our email addresses are opt-in emails. We use our huge email databases to sort and offer many different targeted email campaigns that you can choose from.


Servertron Email Marketing offers you email blast campaigns that achieves high delivery rates. You can get lots of traffic from our mass email campaigns. Visit our contact page to contact us with any questions or you can go straight to our standard consumer email marketing service page.



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