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Servertron is a digital marketing agency that focuses more on email marketing campaigns. We run email lead generation campaigns using our advanced email publishing platforms. Our email marketing experts run high ROI (Return on Investment) marketing campagns for you. We put a lot of effort into effective marketing through mass email communications. Our email deployment strategy allows quick delivery of service and you can expect your email campaign to be started within 2 days after you order the email marketing campaign. We offer the best lead generation solutions out there due to the technology we use.



targeted email marketing, specific target email advertising, targeted email blastHighly Targeted Email Campaigns: We have a page dedicated to select a target group and it allows focusing it to a specific location, age group or income level. You can select doctors for example and click on the button on that page to get to the next page that allows you to specify if you want the doctors in a specific city or region or if you want them with a specific income level. You can select home owners and specify their income range as well as their location on the next page that comes up. You can use our highly targeted email campaigns to target by profession, or to do an email campaign target by demograph. You can visit here highly targeted email campaigns to use the specific target dropdown at the very top to search for some targets of choice.



europe email marketing, european email advertising, Holland email advertising, Norway email advertising, spanish emai listsEurope Email Marketing Campaign: We have lots of europe targeted email leads that we can use to run a european targeted email campaign for you. If you live in Europe and you want to reach only people in Europe or you want to reach only people in your specific European country or European town, you can use our European targeted email publishing campaign to achieve that targeted email campaign.



Our Europe email leads has a lot of target criteria to choose from. You can reach real estate agents in Switzerland or Luxemburg, home owners in France or car owners in Norway. You can reach casino interest consumers in German speaking countries or Game players in Europe. With our Europe targeted email campaigns you can reach different professionals - like using our European engineers data or our europe architects email leads. We can use our European gambler email leads or our euro sports tournament email campaign to run profitable email deployment campaigns for you.. We have lots of targets all within Europe that you can use for a European targeted email campaign.



Worldwide Email Publishing Campaigns: We have huge global email leads that we can use to run global targeted email marketing campaigns. We also have global email campaigns that can be targeted only to English speaking countries worldwide. With our global email marketing campaigns or worldwide email deployments you can expect to reach close to a billion consumers if you need. Please check out our World wide email marketing or global email publishing campaign here.







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