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Our Digital Marketing Agency Can Deliver Focused Lead Generation With Our Highly Targeted Email Campaigns


Our company is digital marketing agency that uses the best data to serve our customers. At Servertron we focus on digital marketing campaigns that yield results. We care about the outcomes of our client's campaigns so we diligently find the best email marketing solutions that work for them. Our email marketing experts take readings and surveys on ROI (Return On Investment) from the email publishing campaigns using special tools to make sure we are current on the best technologies that enhance delivery of email messages into the inbox of recipients. With high delivery into the inbox you will then have an email campaign with a high open rate and therefor a lot of traffic coming in from the email deployment campaign. When we start a customers email deployment, we always send a confirmation email with the tracking link for the monitoring of traffic from the email broadcast campaign. With the detailed tracking you can keep track of the lead generation from the email campaign deployment.



We offer a lot of our email publishing campaigns at a lower price. All our consumer based email marketing campaigns targeted across the whole UK are at a much lower price than usual. With the huge price break on our consumer type email marketing solutions, you will have room in terms of budget to order more email marketing campaigns than you normally could. You can get prices in real time on our website. You can select your target consumers from this page to get quote for the email deployment campaign. And you can select your target or businesses from this page on our website highly targeted email deployment.



Back to the ROI from our email publishing campaigns. We try our best to keep up to date with spam filters. That way we would know what works and what doesn't work in terms of being able to pass the spam filter tests and get the email messages delivered into the inbox of recipients. Our daily email marketing strategies takes into account the ability to get your emails through the spam filters. Our email broadcasting and our email marketing strategy has shown a lot of success due to our high ROI. Another important reason why our ROI is high is because we use the best quality email leads or targeted email marketing data. With great email leads, an email publishing project runs smoothly and actually increases the delivery of your email message into the inbox of recipients. And this therefor increase the email open rate and traffic to your website. You can select an email publishing campaign service from the left menu on this page to see what targeted email marketing solution you need.



With all these endeavor and new technological advances, you can see that there will be great benefits for using our email marketing solutions and strategies for your email marketing campaigns. You will get high delivery rates due to the technologies we use for getting through spam filters. This will result in a high return on investment and in turn high traffic to your website. A high traffic to a website usually means getting a lot of sales or signups. Then since our email marketing campaigns are set at a low prices, you can afford to order them and run a lot of lead generation campaigns. Apart from the above mentioned benefits, we also send targeted email communications or highly targeted email campaigns. A highly targeted email campaign will allow you to reach just the types of consumers you need for your business or website. With a highly targeted email campaign you can expect to get even high ROI than discussed above. So we offer highly targeted email broadcasting here too and you can click here to choose your targets for a highly targeted email campaign.






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