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In this page you will be able to get quotes for mass email campaigns. Mass email campaigns are email deployment campaigns sent to consumer type email lists. While we run these large consumer email campaigns targeted to whole countries, we try to use an up to date, tested email marketing strategy that will get your email messages through to the inbox of recipients. Our email marketing agency strives on a daily bases to keep up with beating the filters that send your emails to junk folder/spam folders. With our email sending endeavors we are able to run large email publishing campaigns and get most of the email adverts or email newsletters through the spam filters and into the inbox.



Serveron offers email publishing campaigns like business opportunity email campaign, network marketer email deployment, home owner email marketing service, casino email marketing campaign, sports better email sending campaign and weight loss email broadcasting services. You can select any of these consumer type email publishing campaigns from the dropdown menu below. You will be able to select a target country of UK, USA and about 5 other main countries that fall into the low price we currently offer for our consumer email sending campaigns.










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