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Welcome to Servertron Email Marketing UK, We offer very useful targeted Email marketing services.   As an email marketing vendor, we produce high leads generation because we are able to target specific residents and businesses that best need your products and services.  We also use a system that sends the emails out uniquely. With this method of marketing, we can get you a lot of qualified traffic and leads.   Our targeting services are one of the best  you can find out there. We are the only company that lets you search our database in real-time.   We target mostly UK and and the rest of the European countries and cities   we also target USA and worldwide.  Our Email marketing is very effective and will yield  high traffic to your website and high revenue returns for you.  Especially if you have a high demand product or service.


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We offer Online campaign tracking report for every Customer order!. We accept HTML or TexT for Email blasts. We offer both Email campaigns and Email lists to download. You just need to click on the correct menu on the left to get to the right section.

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We are able to target very specific locations in the UK and the rest of Europe as well.  For example you can target only East Anglia in England or you can Target only Scotland or In Europe, you can target Sweden or Norway.   You can also target by profession  like Medical doctors in only London if you want or Email to accountants and so on.    We currently help a lot of businesses in UK and USA to run effective and targeted campaigns. We also work with businesses in the rest of Europe  to reach people in the UK for businesses.   It will most likely work very well for whatever product or service you offer because you will be able to target the right people that will be interested in that product or service.




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Standard /General UK emailing Service
Get effective Email marketing for a low fee. You will be able to target the whole UK from this section.

UK Targeted Emailing Service
Opt In Email advertising offers cost-effective solutions for eCommerce sites, and other service websites.    Any company that is ready to drive traffic to its site should try Email marketing with us. We have been able to get a lot of online business to kick start their business and grow rapidly.

Targeted emailing Service
England Email Marketing, UK Advertising, British Consumer email cammpaign, London Email Campaigns, England Mass email serviceWe have the rare ability to  target geographically for you or to target specific businesses.  Example Target England or France or Target one city like London. We can also target people with a specific interest that are in specific locations. For example you can target Stock investment interest emails in England or you can target Golf players in Wales and so on.

We are CAN SPAM LAW Compliant in all our Mailings  (we follow all guidelines for the new mass mailing law)

UK Email Advertising:
UK Opt In Email advertising offers cost-effective solutions for different types of businesses and websites, and other services offering websites.   Any company that is ready to drive traffic to its site should try Email marketing with us. Also our opt-In Email marketing services guarantee that as an advertiser with us, you only pay  for valid traffic.


England Email Advertising involves the targeting of England residents only. On our website you can target specific cities and regions in England to reach the right consumer of your choice. You can go to this page on our website to select and target specific England Consumer Email Advertising



Full Blasts Marketing Campaigns !!! - We have numerous high power CPU servers in racks, ready to do your large Email campaigns








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