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HTML Email Software is a software that can be used to send out email ads in HTML formats. Email ads sent out in HTML formats allow the possibility of having very nice looking ads. With HTML email software you can add your message to the software in the form of html codes. HTML email software are able to delivery your email ads exactly as you had it in the design software. Our Html email software sends email at a fast rate and that can enable you cover several campaigns in a short time. Also with our HTML email software you can send out very large campaigns if you need.


Our HTML email software uses smtp technology and that allows the emails to go into the inbox of recipients. You can check the pricing of our HTML email software at the link below. We offer a very good pricing for our software packages. With our email marketing software you can achieve a great email marketing success.


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Our HTML email software has so many great setting. It can be used to set the email campaign to send out very slowly over many days. Our the HTML email software can be used to send out large campaigns in a few hours. Our HTML email software has settings for sending HTML or text ads. It also has settings for seeding your email campaign with your email address so that you can receive 1 email as a test every 1000 emails sent our every 10,000 emails sent. You can set the interval that you want to receive the tests during the campaign. In our HTML email software you also have settings to randomize the email body and to randomize the subjects being used in the campaign to help you avoid being filtered off into junk. Our HTML email software also uses changing IPs and changing smtp accounts, so the delivery rate is very high and the emails are delivered close to 100% into the inbox of recipients. Try our HTML email software today.



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