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We have 2 great email sending software here. These software are very good for sending out large email campaigns. When sending out large email campaigns, it is important to make sure that the emails continue to end up in the inbox of each recipient and not the spam folder. our email marketing software which is one of the best email software out there can be referred to as mass emailer software, bulk emailer software, email server software, html email software, email sender software or online email marketing software. Our email marketing software and email server software uses lots of new technological tactics to ensure that each email is not marked as spam during that mass emails sending. Our email sender software which is also an online email marketing software changes IP and everything else frequently during the email campaign sends. Our bulk email software or email marketing software is able to accept HTML code or text ads. We have settings in our targeted email marketing software that allow you to choose either to send text ads or HTML ads. Our html email software can use various methods to send out your email ads uniquely. We have many technologies available to it like being able to use smtp accounts, being able to increase threads and speed if you want an email campaign sent in a hurry. Our mass email software can also be referred to as a HTML email software because it can send HTML or text. HTML email ad is an email ad that contains some images or colored text that makes the ad look more sophisticated. An HTML email ad can get more attention than a text email ad.


Using an email sender software that can get your emails delivered directly into the inbox of recipients instead of in the spam folder is a really valuable email sending software. Although its a bulk emailer software that can send large campaigns, it can be used to send out very small email campaigns. Or the bulk emailer software can be set to send out the emails slowly over many days to spread out your response from the recipients. An email marketing sent out with a software that can deliver is the best tool that you need for marketing. You can use our mass email software for stock trading email campaigns. Or you can use our email marketing campaign software for sports betting email marketing projects. Once you get our email marketing campaign software you should make sure that you have the right looking email flyer or email ad so that you can benefit most from using an email sender software that can deliver. When you order our email sender software, we will send you a guideline that helps you set up the whole software so that you wont have to wonder how something in the bulk emailer software or email server software works.


Our Mass Email Sending Software are Available in These License Periods:


3 Months License of Software including Tech support and step by Step setup guide For £549.95

1 Year License of Software including Tech support and step by Step setup guide For £1,499.95

LifeTime License of Software including Tech support and step by Step setup guide For £3,499.95


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