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Servertron Opt-in Email Lists - At Servertron All our Email lists are fresh and Opt in



From this page you can Buy Email list which you can download after payment.  You can select targets from the dropdown list and then click on the button to see pricing that will come up on the next page.



You can buy Whole USA Target Email lists from this green Section - you can't specify City, Countries etc from this section







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Below is an option to target specific locations like city, Region, or country using the dropdown list.

Select By Profession and other specific targets here and click on the "specify stuff" button to specify location and more....


We offer Quality not Quantity  -  Our Email Lists Have the below Characteristics:
 1. All Email lists have NO duplicates
 2. All Email list parsed through our Frequently UPDATED global suppression lists
 3. All Email lists are fresh and opt in
 4. All Email lists are parsed through ISP White list filters
 5. All emails lists are updated every month and undeliverables are removed during that time

Business To Consumer Email List is an Email list of consumers, we have many business to consumer Email list targets here. The list is also referred to as a B2C list. Our B2C list can be used to run an Email campaign to consumers. A Business To Consumer Email List is usually much large than any other type of Email list. You can get it in millions if you needed. You will need to have the right Email marketing software that can do the large mailing if you plan to buy our Business To Consumer Email List because sending out emails by yourself is not so easy. You will need to be prepared with the right tools. You can use a B2C Email List to send millions of potential buyers to your shopping website. Here at Servertron Email Marketing we also carry a lot of doctor targeted Email lists like Chiropractors Email List and most other doctor types. You can buy Car Insurance Seeker Email Addresses or Casino And Gambling Leads Email List here as well. With the Casino And Gambling Leads Email List you can use it to lure new players to your casino or gambling website. You can buy Property Investor Email List and use it to sell properties easily if you are a real estate agent or some individual like that. Or you can go over to the other section on our website where you can have us run the marketing service for you. We also offer Network Marketer Email List and Writers Email Address if you need those. Please use the drop down menus above to look through and see all the targets we have available.


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